What is Live Betting

Live betting is the latest world-wide sports wagering trend.

Key Points

– Live betting allows bettors to place wagers on events while a game is being played.

– One of the hottest trends in sports betting since live betting is so fun and exciting.

In sports betting, wins and losses often come down to timing. If you can get an extra half-point by waiting to place your bet, it might mean the difference between a win and a loss. You can use live, pre-game wagers to find the best betting value.

That is what makes pre-match betting so popular. Instead of having to lay your bet prior to the opening kickoff, tip, or first pitch, bettors can enjoy watching a game unfold and then wagering on it.

What is Live Betting

Live betting online is often referred to as “in-play” betting and it is exactly what it sounds like. Bettors can place wagers on various events while a game is still being played. 

Typically, sportsbooks will post and update live betting lines when there are stoppages in play. This would be during a timeout or at the end of a quarter, half, period, or inning in baseball. 

The rise in technology and sportsbook software has allowed sportsbooks to provide in-game wagering betting lines. As a result, live betting is one of the hottest trends in sports betting.

Strategy: When to Use In-Game Wagering

You can bet on most any event live and it’s extremely fun and exciting to wager while a game is being played. There are situations where pre-match betting really makes sense.

One is to simply hedge a pre-game bet that isn’t going as planned. Take the 2018 AFC championship game as an example. If you like to sport bet, you gotta remember this one!

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs were a 3-point favorite as the game began. The Chiefs fell behind by two touchdowns as the first half was ending. 

As a result, in-game bettors could get in on Kansas City at +6.5 just before the close of the first half. The Chiefs did battle back and tied the game in regulation play but lost 37-31 in overtime. 

While the pre-game bet was a loser, the live bet made up for it.

Live betting offers tons of opportunities

Live Betting For Hedging and Middling

You can also use in-game wagering to “middle” a bet. That’s where you end up placing bets on both sides of a wager guaranteeing at least one win with the possibility of both hitting. 

Say you have the same two NFL teams – Kansas City and New England. The Chiefs are an early 3.5-point favorite. As the game begins, the line moves to the Chiefs -4.5 

A savvy bettor who bet on the Chiefs to cover at -3.5 can now bet on the Patriots to cover at +4.5. The best possible situation would be one in which the final score was something like 20-16, a four-point margin. In that case, both bets are winners. 

Live betting is a great way to take advantage of odds that you might not otherwise consider. For best results, try and place live bets during breaks in the action. If you see something you like, pounce on it quickly because live lines and odds change rapidly.