These Betting Strategies Produce Results

These betting strategies produce results.

Key Points

– To break out of a slump, you need to try new betting strategies.

– Think outside the box to come up with betting strategies that produce wins.

These Betting Strategies Produce Results

Whether you bet on sports professionally or just for fun, chances are you’re always looking for ways to get better. 

There are times when, if you’re like most bettors, you could just use a little kickstart. Perhaps you have a string of losses, or you’re just not feeling like yourself. In any case, we could all use a little boost now and then.

Don’t forget to use online sportsbook bonuses, promotions, and incentives to get back on track. Here are a few straightforward, original betting strategies to help you improve your betting results.

Group of 5 College Football Betting

Football bettors enjoy winning. Every week, sportsbooks offer odds on every FBS college football game. In contrast to the betting public’s constant rush to wager on the Alabamas and Ohio States of the world, you would be better off betting on games involving Group of 5 teams.

Sportsbooks focus more on the games with the highest handle. They don’t pay as much attention to Fresno State’s Saturday night game against Wyoming in the Mountain West Conference. 

Bettors can gain an advantage and consistently outperform the odds by focusing on a specific conference. In this case, it’s the Mountain West and betting on it will help you win more college football wagers.

You can easily find the statistics and analytics you need to handicap these lesser-known NCAA football conferences. There is a wide variety of data that is now accessible online.

In contrast to the Big Ten and SEC, there will be more opportunities for bettors to find value in wagers on conferences like the Mountain West and the Sun Belt. Make a commitment to learning more about one of these conferences, and you’ll see an increase in your wins and bankroll.


Mid-Major College Basketball Betting Strategies

If it works for college basketball, it can work for college football too. The same guidelines apply here. Mid-major games are not as closely watched by sportsbooks as ACC, SEC, and Big Ten contests.

For instance, bettors who focus on the Missouri Valley Conference will eventually discover tremendous value on teams like Drake, Missouri State, and Loyola. There is data available on all of the mid-major teams and conferences. All bettors need to do is become experts on a certain conference.

These are betting strategies that have a winning track record.

Teaser Bets

The majority of seasoned sports bettors will avoid teasers, but it’s similar to how they avoid eating bacon double cheeseburgers. Having one every so often isn’t too big of a deal. The same is true of teaser bets.

NFL teasers are fantastic because of the key numbers. You can’t just randomly combine two games, tease them, and expect to succeed. You must conduct your research, identify the appropriate teams to target, and then assemble your teaser. Bettors can find sports betting tips to help them put together a winning teaser.

A bettor can quickly get back on the winning track and gain confidence by winning a teaser bet.

Baseball Betting Strategies

Baseball betting is less common than betting on basketball and football. As a result, lines tend to be a little softer. That’s especially true in games that don’t feature public favorites like the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers. 

The great thing about baseball is that a regular season consists of more than 2,400 games. The postseason gives you even more chances to find value. 

There are a number of different baseball betting strategies that produce results. Road divisional underdogs, for example, offer value in certain situations. Betting baseball totals in accordance with the weather is another useful strategy for betting baseball.

Betting Systems – Totals Affected by the Weather

Speaking of the weather, pay attention to forecasts and adjust your bets in a few sports. Weather has an impact on sports betting. For instance, in MLB, more games tend to exceed the posted total when winds blow at 5 mph or more away from home plate. 

Games in the NFL and NCAA football where the wind reaches a certain speed also frequently end under the total. Wind has a greater impact on sports like baseball and football since they are most often played in outdoor stadiums. These are betting strategies you can use to your benefit.

These Betting Strategies Produce Results

Moneyline Underdogs at Home

Never forget that you can win big and lose little when you place moneyline wagers on underdogs in any sport. Consider an NFL contest where the Pittsburgh Steelers are the underdog at home against the Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens are a 3.5-point favorite, which means a bettor that likes the Steelers can back them at +3.5 with odds of -110. A $110 bet would pay $100 if the Steelers lose by three points or less or win outright.

Let’s say you like Pittsburgh to pull the upset. On the moneyline, the Steelers are a +165 underdog. A $100 wager pays $165. That’s a much bigger win if you like the Steelers at home and think they are undervalued. 

Smart bettors will even place a bet on the point spread as a backup to a moneyline bet. You still make money if Pittsburgh loses but covers the spread. In a perfect world, the Steelers win and you collect $265.

Organize a Betting Club

You could consider starting or joining a group of bettors. Many of the best bettors in the industry are represented by these sizable betting syndicates.

Even though spending time with other gamblers might initially seem strange, it is one of the best ways to hone your skills. It doesn’t have to be a big group, but you can all benefit if you share betting strategies among each other.

To start a handicappers’ club that would meet once a month or every other week, ask two to five of your friends who enjoy betting on sports if they would be interested. It doesn’t take long, and if necessary, Zoom or Skype can complete the task.

Ideas for which games to bet on can be shared by the group. They could even pool their money and place a wager together. You can learn new betting tactics and enhance your overall game by exchanging ideas.

A group like this keeps you at the top of your game in addition to helping you learn new betting strategies. Sharing ideas and results with others enhances your performance as a whole.