The Top Online Sportsbook Bonuses, Promotions & Incentives

The top online sportsbook bonuses, promotions, and incentives can help bettors win more.

Key Points

– Bettors can take advantage of bonuses to pad their bankroll.

– Bettors should find sportsbooks that offer great bonuses.

The Top Online Sportsbook Bonuses, Promotions & Incentives

From welcome offers to gambler’s insurance, the top online sportsbooks have a number of ways

to attract customers to their betting site. Promotions and incentives are varied and frequently

thrown in. They all give you the chance at earning a positive return on your sports betting

investment if used wisely.

Bonus Deposits

Welcome bonuses tend to focus on the initial deposit into your online account. Oftentimes, the

amount goes to the 100% of the required amount. The rollover requirement is the way to

guarantee that a new sports betting customer has some skin in the game. Bettors can’t simply make a deposit and then withdraw all of their money.

The best online sportsbooks require a low initial rollover. These sports betting sites often make

a rollover rather low on reloads as well. Seek out sportsbooks with low rollover requirements.


Referral Bonuses

A referral bonus is the easiest way to collect as long as you produce an active bettor. All the top

online sportsbooks provide a working tool to provide new referrals and there is not a limit on the number of customer referrals you can make.

If you like the quality and service from an online sportsbook, your family and friends would like it

too. Customer referrals are a popular option for yourself and your family and friends. Most referral programs use a free-bet credit system as payment requests.

Top Online Sportsbook Bonuses, Promotions & Incentives

Top Online Sportsbook Bonuses – Gambler’s Insurance

Sports bettors want to win. However, some months the inevitable happens and you lose. The best online sportsbooks have 10% gambler’s insurance in that case. You make a deposit of $500 or more to qualify and you are included in the deal.

An online sportsbook opens up on 10% gambler’s insurance on your behalf. In order to qualify for the insurance, you must have a one month net loss. When you do, you get 10 percent of your outstanding balance. 

The deposit for the 10% gambler’s insurance will be on the initial day in the new month.

$5000 NFL Last Man Standing Contest

The NFL Last Man Standing is a winner-take-all contest. The winning contestant(s) will be in

line for the grand prize. Deposits can earn a place on the team from 1 entry ($100 to $499) to a

maximum of seven entries ($5000+).

One of the most popular events during the NFL seasons, the Last Man Standing contest needs one straight-up winner each game from the beginning to the end. The only trick is using one NFL team all season long.

The Best Online Sportsbooks Around

Online sports betting boards are easy to find. The quality online sportsbook is easy to notice

with all of its different ways to attract bettors. Bonuses and incentives are just one step in the right direction for sportsbooks as they attempt to acquire new bettors.