The 2018 NHL Playoff season is well under way and if you think that you’ve seen it all; you’ve seen nothing yet!

The best is yet to come and if the first night was any indication of how things are going to go down then buckle up. If you are a diehard NHL fan then this is the moment that you have been waiting for.

There have been some fantastic story lines this year in the NHL, and the best would have to be the Las Vegas Golden Knights. What this team has done is nothing short of a hockey miracle, a sports miracle and the excitement continues as the Knights take on the Kings in the first round-best of seven series, and have already chalked up a win to go up 1-0.

The City of Las Vegas was hit with an overwhelming tragedy when a gunman took the lives of 58 innocent concert goers back in October. Las Vegas was looking for answers in a complicated time and the Golden Knights have offered some healing. The Knights came along at the right time and it just so happens that they are good; very good.

This playoff season is set to be a good one and there are some tough series’ on the board. Get ready for a showdown in this first round and call your online sportsbook today. Get a great bonus, look for a bookie that works with American players and find one that has a reputation for honesty.

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The second season in both the NHL and the NBA gets underway in April with the start of the playoffs. While just about every best-of-seven basketball series in the NBA goes chalk, playoff hockey in the NHL is different. NHL Betting

Betting on the NHL is one of the most lucrative sports betting option on the market today. You must get in with a great sportsbook that caters to NHL players and find a book that offers a fair NHL bonus. Don’t let yourself get smothered in rollover this year and by all means have several bookies in your back pocket.

What you should look for in a great online bookmaker… look for a toll free number that you can call from the United States. This is a must for every player; you need and want the ability to call and request a payout or make a quick and no hassle deposit. You may need to talk to someone about grading a ticket or wagering issues. There is nothing worse than trying to make a last minute deposit and having a problem and then having absolutely no way to contact a real, live person.

Smart players (the wise guys) do two things, they have a handful of the best online bookies on the web and they always take a player bonus. There is a misnomer that seems to be running around these days and it says “smart player do not take a bonus”.  This is simply not true. Smart players always take a bonus and they cash in big. Be a smart player, cash in big this NHL: playoff season and hit the football season with a pile of extra cash.

This year has been a banner year in the NHL and the playoffs are going to be even better. As a player that wants to make money you must make the best decision possible for yourself and that is to find an outstanding bookie. Read the best reviews and prepare to win big money playing the NHL this year. Enjoy this playoff season. We are being treated to what’s going to go down as a classic season, one of the best in a very long time.