Sports Gambling – Big Payouts in Store

Sports gambling is a multi $billion industry worldwide and it is said that one in 5 Americans make at least one sports bet every year. With so many available sports to bet on which are the best for really making money and beating the house? This is a great question and one that is not simply answered. There are however, some great rules to live by when it comes to betting and making money. We think that we have some valuable information that can be of assistance to anyone looking for a payday.

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Most sports gamblers do this for fun and most consider it a hobby, some do it more passionately than others and there are even some who do it for a living. These folks are better known as “wise guys” or “sharp” players. Some have been known to make six figure incomes and even more. The rule to live by is “nothing ventured nothing gained”. Gambling on anything is a risk and it will always be a risk. Nobody has cornered the market. If players were able to corner the market, Las Vegas would have to close their doors and call it a day.

Let’s talk about the “big six” the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA BB and NCAA FB. These are the most watched sports in the United States and they are by far and away the most heavily bet on sports every year. The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament that’s held every year in March is the most bet on series of sporting events worldwide. There is more gambling revenue generated from the NCAA Tournament then all of the other combined. College basketball is a highly popular sport to watch and maybe the most popular sport to bet on. There is a fortune made by gamblers and a fortune lost by gamblers every year.

The NFL is a gamblers favorite and each week during the regular season literal millions are spent trying to become wealthy. The Playoffs and Super Bowl are all Mega events for the offshore bookmakers as well as Las Vegas casinos.

The NBA is thought of to be one of the more difficult sports to win money on and it’s true. Winning on the NBA can be a difficult task and knowing the teams and the game is a must-priority if you are going to be successful.

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The NHL is thought of as one of the easier sports to win at and one of the most action packed sporting events to watch. The NHL is a fast game with hard hits and amazing athletes. Every night offers up new twists and turns and there is certainly money to be made handicapping this sport.

How does one possibly handicap every sport? It is next to impossible for the average fan to know everything that he should know about even one sport, let alone six and even more when you include golf, tennis, horse racing, soccer, boxing and more. It truly is impossible to know it all.

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Many gamblers go into sporting events blindly and they are hoping for a lucky day or betting on a gut feeling. This will not win you anything over the long haul and it will most likely put you in the poor house. Stop betting this way, there is no value in this style of gambling whatsoever, you might as well play roulette.

Most gaming advice sites do not charge money and you can see their daily picks for free. Some do charge money and they are usually well worth the minimal cost. These folks are well worth the investment. Why not pay a little to win a lot or better yet, find a free site.