Sports Betting Software for Handicapping Football

Anyone who loves to bet on football also loves to try and gain some kind of edge when it comes to beating the books. The explosion in online technology over the past several years in the form of sports betting software now makes it possible to create your own customized statistic sheets and other game tracking measures that can be completely tailored to how you handicap football games.

Statistical information on its own is just a list of numbers, but when you have the capability to sort and arrange those stats into a custom report designed to group together the specific numbers that you want to compare and contrast to one another, this can become a very powerful tool to break down any matchup that you might be looking to bet on.

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Some of the top-rated sports betting software packages on the market today designed for handicapping football will allow you to track up to 30 of your own custom stat categories for different areas such as passing, rushing, receiving, defense and special teams. This in turn gives you the capability to look at the numbers that mean the most to you in one concise, detailed report.
Even the top football handicappers in the nation all use different means to come up with their weekly selections since there is no “one size fits all” approach to picking winners. By creating custom reports that give you instant access to the information that you rely on the most to make your own picks, you are automatically taking your whole approach to handicapping football games to a whole new level.

Another type of sports betting software that can be used for handicapping football games is one that can produce simulated game results. This takes a much more basic approach to breaking down a matchup as opposed to putting together your own custom stat sheets, but there is still some validity to the information these programs use to pick a winner. The one big plus with this type of software is that the game simulator actually runs through thousands of possible outcomes to come up with a consensus winner. The major downside to game simulators is that they fail to take into account all the intangibles that can have an impact on the outcome of any game. At best they can be used as a guide or even a ‘checks and balance’ to you own handicapping efforts.

Some football bettors will employ what is called “Arbitrage Software” when making their picks. This is a totally different approach to picking winners through the process of finding multiple betting lines among different sportsbooks to create an opportunity to make a profit through two-way betting on each side of a game. This whole process can get quite involved and you need to be in a position where you can immediately place two competing bets with two different books to create a winning edge. If one of the lines happens to move before your bet is place, that winning edge can quickly turn into a worthless bet.

The bottom line with any kind of sports software designed to help you bet on the games is always keep things in perspective. Even the top-rated betting systems that rely heavily on a custom software program can experience extended losing streaks and there are no guarantees that you will still win more than you lose. There is definitely an advantage to having your own inside edge when it comes to handicapping the games, but it still comes down to how you decide to interpret the information at hand to try and turn your picks into actual winners.