Finding the Best Pay Per Head Service and how they Work

What is a pay per Head Service? If you are a bookie you have probably heard the term “pay per head”, maybe you are familiar with what exactly it is that they do, what services they provide and what the process is to get one started for your bookie operation. It’s also possible that you have heard nothing about a pay per head and you have no idea what it is they do offer and what all is involved.

A pay per head service or better known as a (PPH) is an online casino/racebook and sportsbook all in one and it is turnkey ready. It’s an operation built for bookies of all sorts, big and small, mom and pop drugstore operation or corner bar with a group of friends that love to have action on every sporting event possible. It’s also what the big boys of the online sportsbook world use. It would most likely surprise folks if they knew what online sportsbooks were operating under the blanket of a PPH.

The big boys already know about PPH services and what they offer, it’s the small timers that are clamoring to learn more. Bookies have a lot on their plate, it can be a fulltime job and it can be fun or a giant headache. As a bookie, your number one goal is to make money, you don’t want to be marginal. You need lines and odds that are in your favor, not the players. A PPH service does this for you. They set the lines but give you control over them. You can move them as you wish. You are the captain of your own ship so to speak.

You set player limits, you know how much you want players to be able to play on any given wager or wagers. You most likely want to offer as many sporting events as possible such as soccer, golf, tennis, rugby, and of course baseball, football, basketball and hockey. A PPH service takes care of all this and more for a nominal fee of around $10 per player per week. You pay when the player plays and it’s a flat fee of $10 a week. The player can make as many wagers as they choose or simply one or two, either way, you only pay a onetime fee per player once they have played that week. If they do not play, you do not pay.

Find a great PPH service that offers a free trial. The best ones in the business offer this and usually up to 4 weeks when you sign up. You pay no out of pocket cost to get started. If you are tired of handwriting tickets and worse yet, hand grading tickets, then a PPH is for you. If you want control over your cash flow, your wagering input and output and pending wagers, again, the PPH does all of this and much more.

Getting started with a great pay per head service is quick and easy and can be up and operational pretty much the same day. Whether you have one player and are building or have 1,000 players, a PPH is by far the best way to manage your bookmaking operation.

Pay per heads offer the best bookie software in the business and they guarantee “up and running” time. The last thing you need is for your service to go down before a big time sporting event. Find a PPH with a great reputation for “up time” and customer service. Do they have a toll free hotline and do they cater to American agents? All questions to ask before signing up.

To say Real Bookies are leaders in the Pay Per Head industry may be an understatement. Offering world- class service since 1996, Real Bookies are innovators in their field, with a commitment to providing a service based around simplifying player management and increase profitability for bookies. A fee of no more than $10/head includes more than

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When you use a PPH service you want the software to be top notch, so you can offer the very best to your customers. Much of the software for PPH sites will give you 24/7 access to accounting reports and that is important to look for so you can keep on top of your earnings.

Bets Offered
It was mentioned before that you need to look at the array of bets offered when choosing a PPH site to use. Also, look for if they offer live-betting, in-game betting, and mobile betting.

Live betting is betting on an event while it happens, with odds changing depending on how the game is going. Live betting is very popular, as the game is not constant and there is a lot of time between plays for people to make wagers.

Like live betting, mobile betting is one of the most popular forms of betting today and many PPH sites have that to offer. People make tons of bets “on the go” through their mobile device and tablets. When picking a PPH site, make sure they allow for mobile betting. You do not want to miss out on the money just because your customer is not with their laptop or in front of their PC.

It is advantageous for you to choose a football PPH site that allows for both live betting and mobile betting so you can take as many wagers as possible, which will only make you more money.

Bonuses & Promotions

Just like regular online sportsbooks, a couple of other key things to look for are bonuses, promotions and customer service. Check to see if the PPH site offers football specific bonuses and promotions to sign up.

Also, you want a PPH site that has 24/7 customer service to ensure that any questions you or your customers have are answered in a prompt manner. Make sure that the customer service is available, and available quickly, during the season and the weekends when the majority of college and pro games take place.