Preparing for the 2022 NFL Season

Are you ready for the 2022 NFL season? Key Points – Getting ready for the 2022 NFL season requires some work on the part of the bettor. – Preparing for the 2022 NFL season begins with a look back at last season and getting off to a good start in Week 1. 2022 NFL Season

Making This Football Season Profitable with a PPH

The money season is back! It’s the time of year that bookies wait patiently for, bookies hold out hope for August-January. Football is king for the online sportsbooks and you need to be ready. It’s time to stop worrying about revenue, and time to stop worrying if you will break even. Stop thinking this way,

Betting on the CFL at the Top Online Sportsbooks

Both the NBA and the NHL are done for the season following the recent championship series and while the heart of the MLB regular season is in full swing, avid sports bettors are still dreaming about a new season of games in both college football and the NFL. There is still quite a bit of

Betting Options on the NBA Finals

The offshore sportsbooks and bookies are scrambling as we speak to come up with appropriate lines for the first game of the NBA Finals set for Thursday night. Once again the Cleveland Cavaliers will be taking on the Golden State Warriors in what looks to be another amazing best of seven series. This season was

Sports Betting Software for Handicapping Football

Anyone who loves to bet on football also loves to try and gain some kind of edge when it comes to beating the books. The explosion in online technology over the past several years in the form of sports betting software now makes it possible to create your own customized statistic sheets and other game

Reviewing Great Sportsbooks: Best Value for Your Money

Knowing what sportsbook to choose is a truly difficult task. There are literally hundreds of them out there. Who has the time to spend mindless hours researching the internet looking for the best? Many players simply go with the big names, the “big box” brand names. Folks; this is a mistake. Most all the big

Tips for Competing with the Big Offshore Sportsbooks as a Private Bookie

There is money to be made as an independent sports bookmaker given just how popular online sports betting has become these days, but you need to have both a solid business plan and marketing plan in place if you want to give yourself the best chance to succeed. There are literally hundreds of offshore sportsbooks

Pay Per Head Software Builds Profits with Expanded Betting Lines for Football

If you are an independent sports bookmaker working with a quality Pay Per Head service, you probably already know the importance of football season to the bottom-line profit picture for your entire year. The big question that you still have to ask yourself is are you really taking advantage of all the betting opportunities your