Betting Options on the NBA Finals

The offshore sportsbooks and bookies are scrambling as we speak to come up with appropriate lines for the first game of the NBA Finals set for Thursday night. Once again the Cleveland Cavaliers will be taking on the Golden State Warriors in what looks to be another amazing best of seven series.

This season was exceptional, the action was superb and for the most part, the quality of play was above average. There are more than a few teams that had their chances and nobody is probably sicker than the Houston Rockets. They were backdoor swept and beat in a game seven on their own floor. It simply doesn’t get any worse than that! The Warriors proved once again that they still are the best team in the west. Now they have a chance to beat Cleveland once again and if it does happen, what an embarrassment for LeBron James. At this stage in James’ career he is not looking to get in, he is looking to win it. Can he dial up the intensity and get over the hump? It’s going to be a wild ride so buckle up.

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Look for a hard fought series. The Cavaliers are playing at a higher level than they have played all year long and this year’s finals should be amazing. They will probably go the distance, this series feels destined to go at least six games and probably seven stretching well into the middle of June.

If you are an avid NBA bettor or if you come in every year for the finals, you may be looking for some better betting options this go around. It seems that the spread is difficult to call and the money line can be tricky as well. Both of these bets are beatable if you do your homework. This is true of any sport, if you do your handicapping homework you will be much further up the road. Possibly you don’t have time to do any handicapping and you need help. Look to a great game adviser site for answers. Look to professional handicappers for game analysis and picks. There is no shame in a second opinion. Smart bettors always get a second opinion, be a smart bettor this year and find a great adviser site that can steer you down the right path.

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A Great Way to bet the 2018 NBA Finals:

First and foremost, if you don’t have a top NBA sportsbooks then get one now. You still have time and the offshore guys want your business. There are still great bonuses to be had so secure this right away.


Everyone is afraid of them. Why? Nobody is saying that betting totals is a piece of cake but is certainly is a fun option that can and will win you big money if you come prepared.

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Betting the total is a lot of fun especially if the two teams that are playing mean nothing to you. You have no rooting interest in one team or another and you are simply rooting for the over or for the under. This year’s version of the Golden State Warriors is scoring a lot of points and they can run an opponent out of the gym on the flip of a switch.

Mix it up with totals options:

There is certainly more than one way to bet totals. Yes, you can play the game total either over or under as a standalone wager, you can also play basketball quarters, halves, live lines and NBA dynamic lines. This is when it’s nice to have more than one sportsbook on the string! You should have more than one book, this allows you options. Have fun with this year’s finals it’s going to be amazing.