5 MLB Betting Strategies That Produce Wins

The 2020 Major League Baseball season has not yet started, but in preparation bettors should familiarize themselves with a few strategies that can pay off big dividends, instead of randomly scanning the board and making MLB picks, use a betting system that has proven results.

Bet Against the Public

Too often, casual bettors like to wager on teams that are popular. Big name favorites like the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers are always popular bets. When bettors load up on these favorites, on strategy that has shown results is to bet on the underdog.

The strategy works best on division games that are heavily bet and have seen reverse line movement. A straight moneyline bet on the underdog in this situation has shown positive results.

Bet Bad After a Win

Another easy moneyline bet is to back a bad team after it has won a game. Bad teams are defined as those with a winning percentage of .400 or worse. Most bettors believe it is unlikely that a bad team will win two straight. This often leads to inflated lines. Taking the bad team to win again has consistently proven to be a solid strategy.

Bet the Under

If you are not a fan of moneyline betting, you can try your best at betting the totals, one of the easier MLB winning strategies involves betting the Under. What you look for are two winning teams squaring off against each other. Winning teams score a lot of runs; that is why they win. When two winners meet, the public tends to favor the Over. 

Odds for the Total usually inflate when two winning teams meet making a bet on the Under the way to go. It also helps to examine the starting pitchers. Winning teams also have very good pitching.

Don’t Forget the Runline

The runline is like the point spread in other sports. In baseball, the runline is always set at 1.5. Bets place on teams either winning by two or more runs or losing by one run or winning outright. A betting strategy for runline bets involves teams that are very good and teams on losing streaks.

Division leaders and teams with strong records are usually overvalued because recreational bettors like to bet on winners. Teams that have lost several games in a row are often undervalued for the same reason. In this situation backing a team that is getting less than 25 percent of the runline tickets makes sense and has a track record of success.

Blowing in the Wind

No, we’re not betting on Bob Dylan, but checking the wind speed and direction before a game can lead to success making MLB betting picks. When the average wind speed is 5 mph or greater and the wind is blowing in from center field, a bet on the Under has a proven track record of success. 

Winds blowing in from the outfield can turn shots that would normally be home runs into routine fly balls. This, of course, translates into fewer runs which makes betting the Under a valuable strategy.